Des Dobreva β€” Experiencing Cyber-Bullying, Overcoming Suicide, Leveraging Your Inner Rage, Trusting Yourself and More – #15

Des Dobreva is The Branding Queen. And she’s epic. Not because she’s dominating the business branding arena (which she totally is) β€” But because she’s also a down-to-earth and genuine human being. (and she has two rescue cats named Lucifurr and Sushi!). Whether it’s leaving … Read more

Josh Le Tissier β€” Mastering Your Fear and Nerves, DJing, The Life of an Electronic Music Producer, Beating Perfectionism and More – #12

Growing up on the small island of Guernsey, home to only 60,000 people and a single bowling alley… Josh Le Tissier began DJing at friends’ birthday parties and weddings on the weekends. It all started with word of mouth. Then, Josh applied for a local … Read more

Jaz Borri β€” Aligning With Your ‘Why’, Messy Business Breakdowns, Career Astrology, Empowering Women, Doing Your Inner Work and More – #10

Jaz Borri is a raging feminist πŸ”₯ and is super passionate about career astrology. And she’s on a rampage (or rather, a radical mission) to help women build epic online businesses. Wait a second… What is ‘career astrology’ and how does it work? (I had … Read more

BEAST MODE β€” Money Problems in Relationships, Freeing Yourself From Outdated Social Scripts, Healthy Aggression and More – with John Wood #9

I don’t know how .. but we started talking about gorillas. And it was all downhill from there πŸ˜… But gorillas are beasts πŸ”₯ Honestly… there were a lot of bad jokes in this one. So you’re in for a treat. John and I talked … Read more

Tom Southey β€” Making Money From Music, Busking on the Streets of Sydney, Following Your Passion, Diversifying Your Income Streams and More – #8

Your mum probably told you that you can’t make money from music. β€œIt’s impossible”, she remarked, matter-of-factly … … with her hands on her hips, peering down at your shy eighteen-year-old self. β€œYou need to get a real job”, she mused πŸ™„ And she might … Read more

Safa Roberts β€” Ayahuasca Dietas, Overcoming Money Blocks, The Magic of Pranic Healing, Staying Calm Amidst the Craziness and More – #7

Safa Roberts spent years slaving away at her corporate job back in Vancouver Island, Canada. Her life was great on paper – but like so many others – Safa found herself depressed and miserable. Wait 🀨 But… Doesn’t society tell us if we get a … Read more

Ben Williams on The Freedom of Money, Death-Threats, Self-Doubt, Getting Started in Business, and Setting Up a Retreat Centre in the Colombian Mountains – #5

Whether it’s hunting deer in Jackson, Wyoming… Dirt biking through the Colombian mountains… Or receiving death-threats from a disgruntled ex-employee… Ben Williams has seen it all. In this episode we talk about so many things, especially how to get started in business. Ben’s razor-sharp confidence … Read more

Kathy Kay β€” Sexual Confessions, Strictly Anonymous Podcast, Kinks and Fetishes, Pushing Through Money Blocks, Why Fear is Your Friend and More – #4

Kathy Kay has an incredible sex podcast. A VERY successful one. And it’s called Strictly Anonymous. She talks to all types of people about all types of wild, crazy, you-would-not-believe-it sexual experiences. Fetishes. Cheating. Swingers. Cross-dressing. Diapers. Gang bangs. Anal play. The list goes on….. … Read more

Neel Kolhatkar on Building a Killer Comedy Career, Making Money as an Artist, Business Mindset Tricks, and The Power of Collaboration – #3

Neel first discovered his love for comedy as a 14 year old dude in high school. He spent his weekends improvising in acting workshops and making people laugh. And clearly… his hard work has paid off 😎 Neel won “Australia’s funniest teenager” without even trying, … Read more

Claire Belmont β€” Crypto Investing, Money Fear, Working With Ayahuasca and MDMA, Breaking Through Negative Beliefs, Growing Up in Kenya on Safari and More – #2

Claire Belmont is a fascinating woman. Don’t take my word for it though. Born in Kenya to French and Peruvian parents, she attended a Montessori school where she learned the art of being curious. She explored glorious beaches and went on safari every weekend (yes … Read more

John Wood β€” Releasing Anger in a Healthy Way, Why Meditation Doesn’t Fix Your Problems, Why You Shouldn’t Take a Deep Breath, Nervous System Hacks and More – #1

John Wood is a raging andΒ rebelliousΒ nervous system expert. His journey began after dropping out of high school (much to his parents horror 😱). At 21, John jumped on a plane with nothing but a backpack and moved to the Philippines, setting up shop on a … Read more