Jaz Borri — Aligning With Your ‘Why’, Messy Business Breakdowns, Career Astrology, Empowering Women, Doing Your Inner Work and More – #10

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by Ellie Goode

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Jaz Borri

Jaz Borri is a raging feminist 🔥 and is super passionate about career astrology.

And she’s on a rampage (or rather, a radical mission) to help women build epic online businesses.

Wait a second…

What is ‘career astrology’ and how does it work?

(I had the same thought too).

Jaz analyses your birth chart and astronomy images, then uses this to help you understand the things you’re passionate about.

She helps connect you to your life purpose — so you can build a more successful, thriving, raging business.

Jaz helps you overcome the internal and external blocks that are limiting you in business.

And… Jaz is trained in hypnotherapy and breathwork.

So yeah… Her business advice is hard-core 🙌

Jaz loves career astrology – it’s why she gets out of bed in the morning.

And she loves helping women.


Well… Women weren’t even able to open bank accounts until the 1960s.

Yeah. I know right.

It’s ridiculous 🙄

Without a bank account, women weren’t able to build thriving enterprises.

And… Women only entered the business world and became entrepreneurs in the early 1900s.

So Jaz Borri is on a mission to help women dominate in business 🔥

(Don’t worry, she still loves dudes).

Jaz is breaking down the patriarchy in society and business – by bringing more women into the arena.

It’s freaking epic!

And I am 100% here for it.

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Jaz uses her experience in corporate luxury sales, music, entertainment, and career astrology — to equip women with powerful tools — to create impactful businesses.

Jaz argues that without a WHY – chasing money is unsatisfying.

Maybe you’ve experienced this…

So what’s the solution then?

We still need money to survive, pay the bills, and buy outrageous sex toys for our lavish sex dungeons (ok maybe I’ve been watching too much of How to Build a Sex Room…)

But what if we could combine our passion and our purpose – to make money?

That’s exactly what Jaz did – and it “paid” off… 😏

But —

To do the same, you’ll need the tantalising sauce to finish it all off: action 😎

There is no substitute for grinding in business.

Without action, all you have is ideas.

So get some action today and hit that play button below…

Jaz has incredible things to say, and I know you’ll get a lot out of this episode 🤩

Show Notes – You’ll Discover

  • How you can use career astrology to kick-ass in business (there’s even some science involved for all you sceptics like me)
  • How Jaz is breaking down patriarchal constructs and empowering women to join the crazy, wild world of business
  • Why doing your inner work is SO important, and how there’s beauty in your breakdowns (we’ve all been there… 😰)
  • The internal and external blocks women face in business, and how Jaz is helping women dominate the arena
  • The importance of taking action and getting comfortable being uncomfortable
  • What Jeff Bezos is thinking about as he goes to sleep at night…
  • … And why business is personal – and how to use this to your advantage 🔥

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