Kathy Kay — Sexual Confessions, Strictly Anonymous Podcast, Kinks and Fetishes, Pushing Through Money Blocks, Why Fear is Your Friend and More – #4

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by Ellie Goode

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Strictly anonymous podcast

Kathy Kay has an incredible sex podcast. A VERY successful one.

And it’s called Strictly Anonymous.

She talks to all types of people about all types of wild, crazy, you-would-not-believe-it sexual experiences.

Fetishes. Cheating. Swingers. Cross-dressing. Diapers. Gang bangs. Anal play.

The list goes on…..

It makes for some interesting NSFW listening 😈

If it exists, chances are Kathy has interviewed someone who has confessed it to her.

There was even one guy with a special ‘omelette’ fetish – but you’ll have to listen to find out more 😉

Kathy’s Strictly Anonymous podcast is every bit as explicit and enticing as you can imagine.

Better than porn some might say.

These are real humans with real sexual experiences.

So….. How does it work?

Well, anonymous people (like your dad, your neighbour Jake, or your friend’s grandma Peaches) all call in to share their deepest, darkest secrets with Kathy.


Well, for many of them it’s the first time they’ve EVER confessed or opened up about this part of their life.

The result?

Freedom. Liberation. Fun. Self-acceptance. Letting go of shame 🙌

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Kathy is changing the way we feel and think about sex.

Her Strictly Anonymous podcast is nothing short of revolutionary.

As people share their own sexual fantasies and experiences, other listeners realise they’re not alone.

There’s nothing wrong with them.

They have a place to belong.

They start to accept themselves.

It’s beyond powerful.

Kathy is helping to normalise sex and shift the outdated paradigm society has had about sex for far too long.

But Kathy didn’t set out to create a sex podcast.

“It all happened backwards” she says.

She originally wanted to do a call and response show after working in comedy.

She was a talent agent working with big names like Ray Romano and Robert Kelly.

But Kathy didn’t want to pay for ads to get guests (“I was too cheap!” she says). So she posted on Craigslist in the ‘personals’ section.

People from all over the world started calling Kathy and confessing their sexual escapades to her.

And so….

Her successful Strictly Anonymous podcast was born.

Every week for the first two years, Kathy had to hustle non-stop to find guests to meet her weekly podcast deadline.

The best part? She figured it all out as she went.

Fast-forward 7 years and she is putting out three episodes every week (she is a machine!).

All while pulling in 6-figures and closing in on 7-figures. And….. She’s also a single mum and manages the show herself.

I think it’s safe to say that Kathy Kay is Wonder Woman 💁

Show Notes – You’ll Discover

  • How getting down and dirty in the sheets is good for you. Why harnessing your sexual power will transform your life and business. Hmm…. Maybe soon you’ll be able to claim those sex toys as a business expense? 😉🍆🍑
  • Kathy’s proven strategy for creating eye-catching headlines and descriptions in her content
  • All the things Kathy learned from recording over 650 podcast episodes over the last 7 years (over 500 have been published)
  • Why consistency and intention underpins everything Kathy does in business and has been the key to her long-term success
  • Why you should never take no for an answer when you hit roadblocks in business
  • How Kathy monetised her podcast after 6 years and what she did to overcome her limiting money beliefs (hint: she blasted through them with beta waves)
  • The most interesting guests Kathy has ever interviewed and how you “can’t make this shit up” when it comes to anonymous sexual confessions
  • Why you shouldn’t let your fear stop you — it’s part of the journey on the way to greatness

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