Zachary Zane — Being a Hardcore Boyslut, Coming out as Bisexual, Walking Out of Gay Sex Parties, Navigating Polyamory and More – #22

Zachary Zane aka The Boyslut (his words, not mine) – is an incredible writer, sex expert, and columnist who doesn’t shy away from sex. Zach has written for big publications like the New York Times, Rolling Stone, Cosmo, GQ, and many others. Zach has written … Read more

Louisa Seton — A Wild and Dangerous African Upbringing, Sacred Female Photography, Embodiment, Loving Yourself and More – #20

Louisa Seton negotiated situations with armed tribes in Africa. Some of them were holding AK-47s. Growing up in Nairobi, Kenya, Louisa saw a whole side to life that most of us don’t. \And she fell in love with photographing indigenous and African cultures and tribes. … Read more

NSFW: Beast Mode — Where Does Sexual Shame Come From? The Stigma Around Sex, Cross-Dressing, Plant Medicine and More – #16

This is the most explicit, controversial, honest, and hilarious podcast episode so far. Sorry mum. If you’re easily offended, watch out 🔥 My brother John and I went deep into why there is so much stigma and shame around sex. Religion, organisations, your social group … Read more

Tiffany Harnsongkram — How to Balance Your Feminine Energy with Your Masculine Traits, Unlocking Your Inner Flow State, Letting Go of Control and More – #13

Tiffany Harnsongkram is helping people everywhere (women and men) reclaim their feminine energy. Because most people in society are suppressing their feminine energy. And if you’re suppressing your feminine energy — you’re suppressing your sensuality. Your creativity. Your passion. Innovation. Desire. Which means you’re limiting … Read more

Kathy Kay — Sexual Confessions, Strictly Anonymous Podcast, Kinks and Fetishes, Pushing Through Money Blocks, Why Fear is Your Friend and More – #4

Kathy Kay has an incredible sex podcast. A VERY successful one. And it’s called Strictly Anonymous. She talks to all types of people about all types of wild, crazy, you-would-not-believe-it sexual experiences. Fetishes. Cheating. Swingers. Cross-dressing. Diapers. Gang bangs. Anal play. The list goes on….. … Read more