Safa Roberts β€” Ayahuasca Dietas, Overcoming Money Blocks, The Magic of Pranic Healing, Staying Calm Amidst the Craziness and More – #7

Safa Roberts spent years slaving away at her corporate job back in Vancouver Island, Canada. Her life was great on paper – but like so many others – Safa found herself depressed and miserable. Wait 🀨 But… Doesn’t society tell us if we get a … Read more

Ben Williams on The Freedom of Money, Death-Threats, Self-Doubt, Getting Started in Business, and Setting Up a Retreat Centre in the Colombian Mountains – #5

Whether it’s hunting deer in Jackson, Wyoming… Dirt biking through the Colombian mountains… Or receiving death-threats from a disgruntled ex-employee… Ben Williams has seen it all. In this episode we talk about so many things, especially how to get started in business. Ben’s razor-sharp confidence … Read more

Claire Belmont β€” Crypto Investing, Money Fear, Working With Ayahuasca and MDMA, Breaking Through Negative Beliefs, Growing Up in Kenya on Safari and More – #2

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