Claire Belmont β€” Crypto Investing, Money Fear, Working With Ayahuasca and MDMA, Breaking Through Negative Beliefs, Growing Up in Kenya on Safari and More – #2

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by Ellie Goode

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claire belmont - money fear

Claire Belmont is a fascinating woman.

Don’t take my word for it though.

Born in Kenya to French and Peruvian parents, she attended a Montessori school where she learned the art of being curious.

She explored glorious beaches and went on safari every weekend (yes EVERY weekend) 🀯

I mean, what a life.

I’m only a *tad* jealous…

Claire moved to Switzerland when she was ten and has continued to explore the world ever since.

She’s currently nomad-ing (is that a word?) between Peru, London and San Francisco.

She studied mathematics, electric engineering and computer science, and completed her MBA in 2015.

So yeah, Claire is one smart woman πŸ’

I learned so much from Claire about the emotional aspects of money. How we all use money to feel safe (or try to at least).

Claire was super early onto the Crypto scene.

She bought her first “few” bitcoin in 2011…

Meanwhile I was off getting tipsy and kissing dudes in skinny jeans back in high school.

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Claire rode the emotional rollercoaster while learning how to invest in Crypto.

Up, down and all around until she took off her seatbelt and ran screaming for her life… 😱

She was at war with her fear and ego, and had to overcome them in order to succeed.

You’re probably aware that crypto trading is a dangerous sport and only the fittest survive.

And luckily, Claire learned how to survive.


Well, you’ll just have to listen to the episode… 😏

I was amazed at how effortlessly Claire explained the workings of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

She broke down these complex financial mediums in a way that was super easy to understand.

Even if you have ZERO crypto knowledge – you’ll be able to keep up.

I had so much fun chatting with Claire and editing this episode.

Claire shares how she overcame her control issues and fear around money.

Hint: She teamed up with some amazing alternative medicines – ayahuasca and MDMA, among others.

We also talked about the need for decentralized money systems in the world through crypto, along with the security aspects of the framework.

So yeah, I geeked out BIG time in this episode 🧐

Check it out and let me know what you enjoyed most!

Food for thought: Do you experience money fear?

Show Notes – You’ll Discover

  • How Claire transformed her relationship with money and let go of money fear
  • How Claire healed her childhood trauma through ayahuasca and MDMA therapy
  • The power of learning from life experience vs. planning out your life in a spreadsheet. Don’t worry we’ve all been there…
  • Why you need to banish your ego if you want to be a good crypto trader or investor
  • What Claire learned from losing money while trading in the crypto markets
  • How living in Kenya and attending a Montessori school laid a solid foundation for Claire to succeed later in life

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