Arne Giske β€” Pushing Beyond Your Comfort Zone, Asking for More Money, When Shit Hits the Fan, the Power of Community and More – #17

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by Ellie Goode

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Arne Giske

Arne Giske has a “shit-fan map”.

It outlines what to do when shit hits the fan.

I mean…

What a great idea.

And I loooove the name.

Because we ALL know, sooner or later, shit is gonna hit the fan πŸ’©

It’s inevitable.

Either in your business, at work, or in your personal life.

And if you’re not prepared, it’s going to make one hell of a mess.

Arne Giske built his “Millennial Entrepreneur Community” Facebook group to over 80,000 engaged, meme-loving members.

That gave him a huge, super keen audience where he could launch his products, courses and other businesses.

Because there’s no point if you have the best product or service in the world — but no audience.

Arne collected email addresses from his members, whenever people joined the group.

And after his rapid success building a mega Facebook group, he started teaching other people how to do the same.

Arne launched a Facebook Group course and in less than a year – made over $250k.

Pretty cool, right?

It’s even more epic because it’s a software business (i.e. super low overheads).


It can be run from anywhere in the world (oh how I love you, online business).

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Now – this podcast episode is not about getting rich quick.

There’s no such thing.

Building wealth takes time, effort, and more stamina than that guy Sisyphus who rolled a big, beautiful boulder up a hill for eternity.

Arne is passionate about being in the ring when it comes to business.

Because you never know when those big ideas are going to flow.

It all comes down to solving problems.

The bigger the problem = the more money you can make.

And the ideas will come along the way.

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

Some wise dude (aka Seneca)

Arne’s first business was running a pedi-cab in Seattle (those groovy three-wheeled tricycles that carry passengers around the city).

He was 19 years old, made $20 per trip and loved having the cash.

Despite going to business school, most of what Arne’s learned about business came from first-hand experience.

Arne’s Facebook group product started at just $37, then over time he raised the price as he created more content, videos, and value.

As Arne raised his prices over time, his confidence and excitement skyrocketed.

He created new businesses, invested in new opportunities, and built a solid network of income streams.


He’s focused on The Insider Investors Club, building his various businesses, and travelling the world.

And he’s helping others do the same.

Arne Giske is a super-chill, down-to-earth dude. With a wealth of knowledge.

I had so much fun in this interview.

So check it out, and learn how to stop SHTF.

Show Notes – You’ll Discover

  • What it’s like getting banned from Facebook Ads (after spending 6-figures with them)
  • The surprising truth about pricing your products and services
  • How Arne’s friend called him out about making more money (getting that accountability)
  • What it’s like to be a digital nomad and have the freedom to travel the world (it’s epic!)
  • How to avoid shit hitting the fan πŸ’©

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