The Raging Tsunami Wave of Fear and Anxiety

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by Ellie Goode

the raging tsunami wave of fear and anxiety

Oh my good ol’ friends: fear and anxiety.

My housemate Sean is currently in England, and I’ve been sleeping alone in our 6-bedroom house for the last week.

I realised the other day, I’ve never lived alone before.

I’ve always had housemates or family around, even though I moved out of home at 18 to study in Melbourne, Australia.

So being in a huge house all on my own, it brought up some activation in my body.

Every time I heard a sound – I felt my body tense.

My shoulders jumped up in alarm.

My heart raced.

I looked around hurriedly to see if anyone was there.

“What’s that thing sitting ther–“

“Oh. It’s just chair. But it looks like a human. HOW WONDERFUL.”

Maybe you’ve experienced this…

When something triggers an emotion or sensation inside of you, and you’re not entirely sure why.

It can be rough.

And hard to understand.

Sometimes the smallest things can put you into fight-or-flight mode. 

And before you know it, you’re getting dumped over and over again by a tsunami wave of fear and anxiety.

Sand in your mouth, eyes, and hair.

Seaweed strangling your neck, gasping for air, wondering if you’ll drown.

It’s not fun 😰

So why does it happen?

Why do certain things trigger fear and anxiety in your body?

Because when you’re a child and your fight-or-flight response activates — if you’re not able to process and release the fight-or-flight energy (because it’s not safe, your parent is yelling at you, or you get locked in a room) — then it doesn’t complete.

So then when you’re an adult, something pushes on it, and it attempts to complete the cycle, years later.

The story behind it doesn’t really matter. What matters is the physical charge or sensation in your body. The pain that exists there.​

“The attempt to escape from pain is what creates more pain.” – Gabor Mate

All pain wants and needs is expression. To be witnessed. Felt. Heard.

And then it will release from your nervous system.

And this is exactly what happened as I noticed and felt the activation and fear in my body the other night.

Pretty cool, huh?

So if you’re finding yourself getting triggered and dumped by the tsunami wave of raging fear and anxiety, it’s ok.

You’ve got this.

Your body has capacity to feel this “stuff”. 

And … I’m with you, cheering you on.

This why I started the Sex, Money & Rage podcast. Because I believe in the power of your nervous system.

You can heal yourself. 

From the inside out.

If you want some practical tools to help fast track the process, check out Rageheart.

And if you just want to keep reading my emails and blogs, that’s perfectly fine too.

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