Why Variety Is The Spice of Life

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by Ellie Goode

On Saturday, The Beast, Mr Desert and I went for a motorbike ride out to some old ruins on the weekend, here in the Sacred Valley. We were trying to live that age old motto: variety is the spice of life.

The beast =my brother John (because he’s the creator of Rageheart: Unleash the Beast).

Mr Desert = my housemate Sean (because his humour is so dry and he randomly walks off mid-conversation, “deserting” you).

Me = I need a nickname 🤔​

First we stopped at Maras salt mines which were breath-taking (and not just because of the high altitude), and in the afternoon we ended up at these huge spiral things (ancient ruins) where we all took the exact same photos from various angles like classic tourists.

Maras salt mines

It was a great day out, and one of the only touristy things I’ve done since landing in Peru 1.5 years ago (I think I might need to get out of the house more).​

It’s easy to get caught up doing the same shit over and over again.

​Working long hours in the same job.

Husting with the same routine.

Eating the same foods.

Watching the same Netflix shows.

Thinking the same thoughts.

Hanging out with the same people.

Reading the same books.

Doing the same CBT and journalling exercises.

And while routine is good and beneficial (especially for forming rock-solid habits, of which I am a massive fan) — this weekend day trip made me realise how important novelty is.

Yep, who knew getting out of the house was good for the soul?

The mind?

And….. the body?​

Variety is the spice of life. (The sizzling, tantalising, spice of life that we all need more of 🌶️

(Pro tip: sprinkle that stuff all over your dinner tonight).

Riding a motorbike up to 3,500m and seeing a gazillion salt mines and ancient spiral ruins was invigorating.



Something totally opposite to what I do during the week.

I came home refreshed, energised, and excited.

Hit with a burst of creativity.

It’s the same with food.

If you only ate rice for the rest of your life, you’d be missing out on a whole lot of vitamins, minerals, and your body would probably crumple like a piece of paper.

If you worked the same job for your whole life, you’d be missing out on learning so many new things, meeting new people, and exploring kick-ass opportunities.

If you only ever focus on your anxiety, depression, or thoughts — you’re missing out on all the joy, excitement, and fun that’s available to you.

You see, the more you focus on one thing – the more that thing grows. 

Which is helpful if you’re building a business or trying to get fit.

Focus is important.
But when we focus too much on one single thing: we get gridlocked.

​We lose perspective.

We get stuck.

It’s the same with feeling emotions in your nervous system, or tackling anxiety and depression.

Sometimes you need a break.

A change of scene.

To focus on something else inside or outside of your body.

Sometimes you need to get out on a motorbike and go somewhere completely new, cruising through snow-capped mountains in a foreign country.

Or dance naked in a field singing Elton John at the top of your lungs.

Or go and buy that hot new dildo or sex toy you’ve been eyeing for weeks now. ​

By focusing on something different, you gain perspective.

​It’s the same with your nervous system.

Always focusing on internal sensations and emotions isn’t the answer.

Always focusing on external resources isn’t the answer.

You need both.

If you’re always feeling your emotions in your nervous system – you’ll crash and burn with exhaustion.

If you’re always distracted and disconnected from your body, your nervous system will stay stuck.​

The magic happens when you learn to flow between the two states – effortlessly.
When you can go into your physical sensations (i.e. emotions) and come out of them without losing yourself.

Eating some rice, but also throwing in some carrots, steak, or a chocolate croissant here and there for good measure.

Routines are great.

I rate them wholeheartedly.

But sometimes … sometimes you need to break free from them, even just for a day.

So that your whole body can exhale a sigh of relief.

Just remember: variety is the spice of life.

moray ruins, peru

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