The Sex, Money & Rage Podcast

The Sex, Money & Rage Podcast provides you with powerful and practical nervous system tools to help you dominate your mind, body, and life.

Sex, Money & Rage - Ellie Goode

It's about facing your inner demons (aka your emotions).

Being in your body and silencing your anxious, negative mind. 

Waking up excited every single day. 

Setting healthy boundaries.

Having a calm nervous system.

Navigating the diverse world of psychedelics and plant medicine.

Firing up your motivation (i.e. rage) to go after what you want. 

Creating safety in your environment.

Sleeping better.

Feeling f*cking ALIVE.

Having the most healing and hypnotic sex ever (no partner required).

And being physically healthier than you've ever been - in your entire life (goodbye mysterious illnesses!).

The Sex, Money & Rage Podcast is about going to the root of all your problems (your nervous system) and healing it.

From the inside πŸ‘‰ out.

Rather than trying to mask all those surface level symptoms, which leaves you feeling exhausted, broke, and royally pissed off. 

On the Sex, Money & Rage Podcast, we talk about everything that's considered "taboo" in society.

BDSM. Kink. Psychedelics. Healthy Rage. Emotions. Boundaries. Prison Experiences. Abortion. Death. Money. Sexuality. Suicide. Religion.

No fluff.

Just scientific evidence.

Practical tools.

And real-life stories from people doing their own internal work.

I believe in the power of 1) Psychedelics - Ayahuasca, San Pedro, and Psilocybin Mushrooms etc. and 2) the nervous system.

Because - I've seen the healing power of these tools in my life, and in the lives of people around me.

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Ok, let's get into it...

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