John Wood on The Power of Rage, Why Meditation Doesn’t Fix Your Problems, Building a Copywriting Empire, and Nervous System Hacks For Success – #1

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by Ellie McIntyre

“When we’re trying to push forward in our business, or go after what we want, we won’t do it. Because to do things like that requires being aggressive. Pushing through resistance. Having that kind of fire to get through the inevitable challenges and difficulties that come.” — John Wood

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John Wood is a raging and rebellious copywriter.

His journey began after dropping out of high school (much to his parents horror 😱).

I, however — did not have the balls to do that.


I would do it in a heartbeat 😎

At 21, John jumped on a plane with nothing but a backpack and moved to the Philippines, setting up shop on a tropical island with his laptop.

Surrounded by palm trees, coconuts, and luscious beaches.

He’d just landed a digital marketing internship with Tropical MBA.

This bold move turned into 10+ years running a successful copywriting business and travelling the world.

Sounds amazing right?

So how on earth did he find himself depressed?

He had it all – a great business, freedom to travel, an online business, beautiful women and awesome parties.

Yet he felt like something was missing…

When John discovered the power of rage — everything changed 🔥

In this episode we dive deep into his new business venture Rageheart – where he says you explode into gold dust..

You’ll just have to listen to the podcast to find out more 😏

John shares a tool he discovered that is “infinitely better” than meditation, CBT, gratitude and journaling.

A bold claim…

He argues meditation, CBT and gratitude only deal with thoughts.

But what about the body?

John talks about the important missing piece to all the self-help ‘fluff’ out there.

Because we really don’t need anymore self-help band-aids that only deal with the symptoms…

We need something that gets to the root of the problem.

Like a chainsaw.

Straight to the point.

Because, I mean, we’re not here to f*ck spiders… 😅

John and I talk about the power of dopamine and why people don’t go after what they want in life and business (hint: it’s because they’re suppressing the power of RAGE).

So, if you want to hear some ideas (backed by science) that challenge the norm, then go and listen to this podcast right now.

Show Notes – You’ll Discover

  • What it’s like to live overseas in The Philippines, Thailand, and now Peru! We dive into John’s first-hand experience living overseas for the last 10 years.
  • John talks about how he ended up with only $127 in his bank account and almost had to return to Australia..
  • John’s crazy claims about how working with the nervous system is “infinitely better” than meditation, CBT, and gratitude etc.
  • How harnessing the power of rage and other emotions helps you go after what you want in life and business. Maybe it’s time to get reacquainted with your good ol’ friend Rage…? 🤬
  • How meditation can lead to feeling more disconnected from yourself. Wait, but isn’t that the opposite of what meditation is all about?! Hmm… 🤔
  • What the nervous system does and how it affects us all MUCH more than we realise (or want to admit to ourselves)
  • How anxiety is actually stored energy – aka a “fight or flight” response that needs to be felt and released from the body 😤
  • Why people keep creating situations for themselves that make them miserable. Plus John’s surprising advice on how to deal with this
  • Why John thinks somatics (aka working with your nervous system) will be the next “big” thing in the coming years (as big as meditation…?)
  • Why rage is your friend, not your enemy

Oh, and did I mention John has a cool sister who hosts a podcast called Sex Money & Rage? Just some, y’know, shameless self-promo 😎🔥

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And it’s looking for a way out 😤

If you want to release this stuff (like fear, shame, guilt, terror) you have to go to the root of the problem (i.e. your body).

But it’s not for the faint of heart.

I’m not a therapist.

I’m not a counsellor.

Hell, I’m not even a life-coach.

I’m just a chick who figured out how to get into my body and use sex, money and rage as my superpowers.

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— Ellie

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